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In the world capital of ceramics and heart of the potteries Valentine Clays, a family run manufacturer, has been supplying clay bodies and raw materials in Stoke-on-Trent for the past 40 years.

Valentine Clays is proud of its close working relationship with the studio potter and ceramic community. Read more about us here.


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We would like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and to thank you for the business placed with our company during 2019. We look forward to your continued support during 2020. Price Review 2020It is that time of year when we have to review our prices in relation to supplier increases, every effort is made to absorb these increases where possible but from Monday 3rd February 2020 a 3% price increase will apply to all our productsClay & Casting Slip prices are valid until 31st December 2020, subject to any major cost increases outside of our control.  However, we recommend you check our raw material prices prior to placing orders as these can be subject to change.2020 BrochureThe new price list will be featured in our NEW 2020 brochure, which will be released in the next week. So please keep checking for the downloadable version. You can also order your own hard copy which will be sent in the post in the next few weeks. Click here to pre-order your new brochure.     New Products Launching in February include:This year we are excited to announce that we are adding new products to a few of our clay ranges including:  Premium Red (To be launched soon)CATEGORY: TeracottaMETHOD: Throwing, Modelling, Hand buildingCOLOUR: RedTEXTURE: SmoothFIRING RANGE: 1060°c - 1120°cA new lower firing premium terracotta clay that is both very plastic and smooth. It consistently behaves like a white earthenware and fires to a pale salmon colour. Excellent throwing and hand building qualities.  Premium CrankCATEGORY: StonewareMETHOD: Modelling, Hand building, Slab building, SculpturingCOLOUR: BuffTEXTURE: Coarse texturedFIRING RANGE: 1120°c - 1280°cThis new premium crank is a great addition to our current stoneware range of clays with all the qualities you would expect from a more superior crank. Ideal for hand building and sculpting.    KBJ StonewareCATEGORY: StonewareMETHOD: Throwing, Modelling, CastingCOLOUR: Off whiteTEXTURE: SmoothFIRING RANGE: 1120°c - 1280°cOur latest addition to the Stoneware range of clays has been developed with the help of renowned potter Keith Brymer-Jones.This new clay body has been developed to be fairly versatile and can be used by both novice, beginner or experienced potter. It is ideal for throwing, modelling and casting, and has a lovely off-white colour.  Gelb CATEGORY: International ClaysMETHOD: Throwing, Modelling, Hand buildingCOLOUR: YellowTEXTURE: Smooth texturedFIRING RANGE: 1050°c - 1200°cGelb clay is a German Earthenware that fires from an apricot to yellow colour with 25% chamotte 0 – 0.5 mm. The recommended firing range is 1050°C – 1200°C, with 1200°C being the most vibrant yellow colour.This body is suitable for hand building smaller and medium-sized pieces, and can be throw too.  NEW Southern Ice PorcelainCATEGORY: International ClaysMETHOD: Throwing, Modelling, CastingCOLOUR: WhiteTEXTURE: SmoothFIRING RANGE: 1260°c - 1300°cSouthern Ice Porcelain is an extremely popular Australian porcelain that is renowned for its translucency, whiteness and workability. This clay has also received a great deal of international recognition and is sought after world-wide. Please find below our holiday schedule for 2020: May Day:                            Friday 8th May Spring Bank:                      Monday 25th MayLate Summer:                    Monday 31st August - Friday 4th SeptemberChristmas:                        (noon) Tue 22nd December – Mon 4th January 2021                If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact the Valentine Clays team by calling 01782 271200 or emailing sales@valentineclays.co.uk.


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