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2020 ceramic events...

Come along to one of the 2020 ceramic events listed below where we will be happy to have a chat:


  Potfest in the Pens
  30th & 31st October & 1st November 2020
  Unfortunately this year we are unable to attend

   Art in Clay Hatfield
   21st, 22nd & 23rd August 2020

Don't forget to get in touch if you would like an order bringing to one of the shows 
(small delivery cost applicable)

Listed below are 2020 ceramic events we recommend but unfortunately will not be exhibiting at:

Ceramic Art London
20th - 22nd March 2020

Potfest Scotland
10th - 12th June 2020

Earth & Fire Rufford
26th - 28th June 2020

The International Ceramics Festival
2nd - 4th July 2021

Ceramic Wales
11th - 12th July 2020

Celebrating Ceramics 
17th - 19th July 2020

Potfest in the Park
24th - 26th July 2020