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Potter of the Month (February - April) - David Cooke

Potter of the month questions:


1.   What general skills & techniques do you use ?

      Hand building techniques using slabs of stoneware clay.

2.   Tell us about your experience and knowledge

I have a degree in 3D design from Leeds Met Uni graduating 1992 but I grew up with ready access to clay and a kiln, as my mother Rosemarie made and still makes ceramic animal sculptures, and my father used to be a thrower. I enjoy talking to others about their work in all artistic disciplines, not just ceramics. Watching others working, in ways that perhaps you hadn’t considered will always inspire you to go in fresh directions. I have learnt a great deal from being in shared studios, firstly in Leeds in the 90s at East St Arts and then later at Sculpture Lounge Studios, Holmfirth. I currently have a studio at Holmbridge that I share with my wife Joanne Cooke who is also a ceramic animal maker.

Making Monkey

3.   Explain your work.

I have always fired to stoneware 1235 C and used the Earthstone range, mainly ES50 and ES40. I quite often use other materials to join pieces together, for example bird’s legs are created in steel or bronze and attached with resin or bases and stands fabricated in steel or oak. From a technical perspective I was always proud of my hand-built life-size reptiles for example the Galapagos Tortoises.


4.   What are your future ambitions?

For the past ten years I have been casting and working with bronze, and I would like to try to combine the two mediums and utilize the strengths of each in one piece. Before I got into bronze casting I would often experiment with the texture of ceramic and that is something that I would like to return to this year and create one off abstract ceramic pieces but with bronze elements. I am currently out of action however as I need an eye operation, as I had a rather nasty accident at the end of last year!

David Cooke

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