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Potter of the Month (Oct-Nov 18) - Peter Hayes

1. What general skills & techniques do you use? (e.g. throwing etc)

I mostly handbuild each individual piece using a variety of techniques such as Building up textures,  burnishing and polishing.


2. Tell us a bit about your experience and knowledge:


a. Where have you studied and learnt your skills

I went to Birmingham college of art but most of my learning was during my worldwide travels inc Africa, Japan, Korea and India working with local craftsman and learning traditional techniques and processes.


 b. How long have you been a potter

 I started as a full time potter in Cornwall when I was 19 in a converted cowshed.


c. Who has inspired you along your path

The first experience of contemporary ceramics that I saw was Mo Jupps helmets in London.  Also as a broke Art student I worked on archeological digs and was fascinated by ancient finds.  Exploring the museums looking at the finds put back together was a real inspiration for me.


3. Explain your work 


a. Processes involved e.g. clays used, firing range etc 

 I use a whole range of clays including crank, semi porcelain, porcelain and I still dig my own clay from the canals etc.  My firing techniques include Raku, Obvara, High fired porcelains and Bone china.


b. What has been your proudest piece that you have produced and why

I would say my best/favourite piece was when I was asked to make a commission for my Indian clients who were moving back to India, the main criteria was that I had to make it in India.  This meant I had to start from scratch and organise a studio, kilns etc.  It was an incredibly fun project and opened the door to India for me which has been a major influence on my work.  I now have a studio in India where I can spend a couple of months a year and miss the English winters.


Peter uses ES 50 (Crank) to create his pieces.


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