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Chris Edwards

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METHOD: Hand building

My name is Chris Edwards and I Hand build Pleco Breeding Caves in various shapes, sizes and clay bodies.

Pleco is short for Plecostomus and is basically a South American sucking catfish, of which a very high percentage breed in caves. I have kept and bred them for a number of years.

My website is

Picture 1 are Black clay caves made using PF680 and fired to cone 4 (1162°C).

Picture 2 is a Terracotta selection of caves using mainly 120’S Terracotta and fired to cone 04 (1063°C).

Picture 3 shows one of my tanks with a breeding group of ‘Leopard frog pleco’s’ and their caves, as you can see I have in there some mixed clay style caves consisting of a mix of Black Clay and Terracotta.