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David Melville

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CATEGORY: Stoneware
METHOD: Throwing, Sculpturing
COLOUR: Pale Buff
FIRING RANGE: 1180°c - 1280°c

Artist Statement
David trained as a potter at the Kent Institute of Art and Design, graduating with distinction in 1979. Since leaving college he set up his pottery with the aim to produce useful handmade pottery that everyone can afford. He makes a prolific selection that is collected by many. Some pots form part of his functional tableware collection and there are others that are more individually made and decorated. All the glazes used are David's own formulae and are unique to his pots.

The pottery is sold mainly through galleries, craft, trade and ceramic shows and is available by appointment from the workshop or delivered by carrier. In addition to producing pottery David also works in education at all levels and uses B17C

King Sculptured Planter - Made as a frost proof functional planter – 45cm tall

Copper Red Dish - Made as a functional dish for fruit serving - 40cm dia.

Copper Red Bowl - Made as a functional bow for serving - 30cm dia.