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Judith Roberts

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CATEGORY: Paper clays
METHOD: Hand building
FIRING RANGE: 900°c - 1280°c

Judith's current work combines traditional hand building techniques with more experimental ways of working with clay. She is intrigued by the versatility of porcelain paperclay (ES 600); how it 'sticks' to itself, dry or wet with the simple use of slip as a glue. Judith's platters and vessels are a combination of slabbed and press moulded clay with piped, impressed and transfer decorations giving a contemporary twist to work inspired by historical artefacts and architecture in Stoke on Trent.

After completing a BA (Hons) in 3Ddesign ceramics in 2013 at Staffordshire university Judith became involved in various exhibitions and had stands at a number of Craft and art events. At present she has a showcase exhibition at The Harley gallery, Worksop and also had a stand at their Christmas art market.