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Lesley Anne Greene Ceramics

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CATEGORY: Earthstone
METHOD: Modelling, Hand building
COLOUR: Off white
TEXTURE: Coarse textured
FIRING RANGE: 1120°c - 1280°c

Artist statement 
I create elegant, stylised and expressive figurative sculptures which make people smile. Inspired by encounters in my daily life and travels.My work is also inspired by an interest in the significance and representation of animal forms in different cultures and civilisations.Each piece is a one off or part off a small group. Please visit my website for further information 

Lesley uses ES40 (Hand building) clay with which she hand builds and models. Other methods include Green surface sponged. After bisque firing texture and form are enhanced using metallic oxides, coloured slips and stains. Some works are decorated with gold lustre and textile tassles.