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Patricia Shone

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CATEGORY: Professional
METHOD: Hand building
TEXTURE: Medium textured

Patricia's work is influenced by the powerful landscape of the Isle of Skye where she has lived for past 18 years. The views are immense; there is a sense of being immersed in landscape with little middle ground to focus on between the hills and the close up detail; jewel-like colours of mosses and lichens, the absolute darkness of a peat bank. These elements, of monumental mass and close detail, which texture her work are strengthened and informed by living here.

The inherent textures of clay as it is stretched and pushed reflect the textures in the hills - where the surfaces change by forces of climate and human intervention, but the substance remains constant and immutable.Her work has developed in response to a feeling of connection with past inhabitants. Patricia wants to combine visual and physical elements of the landscape with the innately human need for containers and vessels. It is what makes her a potter rather than a sculptor. Sometimes this takes a functional form, a jar or a bowl passed from hand to hand, sometimes it is pebble-like, to be held.Many of her pieces are raku fired for the monochrome hues and natural textures.

Patricia Shone uses PF 520 (Ashraf Hanna), PF 550 (Svend Bayer) & ES 40 (Hand Building)