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Philip Wilks Ceramics

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CATEGORY: Porcelain
METHOD: Throwing
TEXTURE: Very Smooth
FIRING RANGE: 1220°c - 1280°c

Artist Statement
My current work is mainly in porcelain, which is hand thrown and assembled. It is fired in an electric kiln and glazed using my own recipes. On some work, acrylic resist is used to create a deep relief surface-decoration which is filled with glaze, the platinum and gold lustres are applied by hand and fired to fix them. Finally, the crazing is stained. In 2010 I built a catenary arched gas-fired kiln and am now producing/developing soda-fired work.

Philip uses ES 170 Glacier Porcelain & PF 700 (Porcelain White Stoneware). For futher details on what he uses both of these clays for please see below: 

Glacier Porcelain:
Wheel thrown porcelain bowls, using relief decoration to enhance the bowl form and to react with the glaze. The relief surface is created by cutting into the clay and by applying slip. My Ocean Blue glaze responds to the raised surfaces and cut away strips through subtle and appealing colour variations.

Interior has a semi-matt glaze and the exterior glazed with Ocean Blue. 

The colours of the Ocean Blue glaze subtly incorporate breaking blues and shades of warm pink, punctuated by the breaking highlights on the raised slip relief decoration. 

Porcelain White Stoneware:
An exploration of bowls and wide rimmed vases, using relief decoration techniques.

'Coral Pot' The creation of this bowl was inspired by a drawing of a coral that I did whilst visiting the zoology museum at Cambridge University and the glazes used, which I created, are called 'ocean blue' and 'matt crackle,. It is made using 'Porcelain White Stoneware' and using acrylic resist I created a deep relief surface decoration which I then filled with glaze. The bowl is fired to 1270 centigrade in an electric kiln.