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Simon SJ Smith Ceramics

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CATEGORY: Earthstone
METHOD: Sculpturing
COLOUR: Off white
TEXTURE: Smooth textured
FIRING RANGE: 1120°c - 1280°c

Artist Statement
In 1997 I went to my first pottery night school class I was captivated.  I wanted to learn more about the subject & material. In 2001 I decided to leave work and go to University this was great for me it gave me the time to study go to lectures exhibition and most of all demonstrations.

I make sculptural work and I also make a range of functional work that have sculptural quality's within them in the way I apply the glaze.  

For the past six years I have been experimenting with triaxal blends and multiple glaze formula's in oxidation and reduction firings.

I spray all my pieces with three different glazes layering them in places. The spray gun for me gives me freedom when I am applying the glaze to the piece. My aim is to achieve a tactile quality and depth  to the piece that when you look at the hole piece there is something different to see in the glaze. I fire my work in a gas kiln in a reduction atmosphere to 1280oc.  

All my work is made with Valentine's clay bodies, I make functional work and I also make sculptural forms too.  Please visit my website to see other work I have designed and made.