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Thomas Morley

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CATEGORY: Terracotta
METHOD: Throwing
TEXTURE: Smooth textured
FIRING RANGE: 1080°c - 1180°c

Artist Statement
A studio potter and ceramic artist living and working in North Devon. Using earthenware clay, with slip decoration and sgraffito designs. Work is abstract, spontaneous, wheel thrown, hand built and altered. Contemporary pottery, both functional and decorative.

Influenced by abstract and expressionist art, combined with a love of food and cooking, pieces are made to enhance, add life and enjoy, to give a deeper connection with the food we eat. 

Thomas's work is either thrown or hand built with sgraffitto and slip decoration. He uses Standard Red Terracotta Grogged - 10% and White Earthenware Grogged and single fires to 1100 degrees in an electric kiln.