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Tony Laverick Ceramics

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CATEGORY: Porcelain
METHOD: Throwing, Slab building
TEXTURE: Very Smooth

Artist Statement

I have been designing and making ceramics for 30 years at my studio near Leek in the Staffordshire Moorlands. I have used many different techniques and materials during that time. Currently, I am working with a transparent porcelain and also a specially prepared black porcelain. My pieces are either thrown and turned or slabbed. They are then fired to 1260°C with subsequent lustre firings at lower temperature. Each piece is individually designed and made.

I love things which are interesting, varied, challenging and beautiful. I find the combination of human judgement and technique exciting and rewarding. My work constantly evolves. I am always willing to take the risks which I feel are necessary for growth and change and am happy to bear the consequences.