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'LOVECLAY' - The Ceramics Centre at the heart of the Potteries

Here at Valentine Clays we love everything there is to do with clay so much so that we are proud to have developed our own Ceramics Centre, at our new site in Fenton, with the aim of helping to promote the ceramics industry and the importance of clay. 

Although it is in its early stages the centre proudly houses the following facilities:


Our gallery showcases the wonderful ceramics that our customers produce with a bit of clay. This area is open to the general public with the aim of promoting the importance of clay and the amazing works that can be created using it.


We will have an Exhibition programme throughout the year that is aimed at showcasing our customers amazing work. In this area items can be purchased and collected at the end of the exhibition. If interested or you require further details please speak to reception.


August 2017 - Newcomers Exhibition 


Our new workshop facility is a place that can be utilised by potters if they wish to hire it out for the day and will also feature a programme of courses. Please sign up to our e-newsletter (on our homepage) to receive further details and news. 


Our wonderful new gallery space & workshop will be available to hire for corporate events, for further details please contact (packages will shortly be available).


We are also proud organisers of Art in Clay Hatfield which showcases some of the finest ceramics currently being made by individual makers in the UK and Europe and is held at Hatfield House annually in August.  


If you would like further information on any of our facilities please contact 01782 271200 or email